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As one of the fastest growing and innovative tutoring brands in the UK, we’re looking for new franchisees to join our journey. The Prepped franchise opportunity has been designed and developed by a team of experts and our Directors come from a background in education, business development and franchising.


Owning a Prepped franchise offers individuals the ability to run a hugely rewarding, profitable and enjoyable business – it also provides individuals with a significantly better work/life balance. As the franchisor, we take a family approach to our business and build strong, mutually respectful relationships with all our franchisees. As part of the same team and aligned with the same objectives, we’re on a journey to transform the way that tutoring is delivered.


Join us on this mission.

Low risk opportunity

Proven successful business model

Low start-up fees

Unlimited support

UK based education programme

Developed by teachers, tutors and franchise experts

Comprehensive training

 Better work/life balance

 Join a network of like-minded people

 A highly profitable business

 Cutting edge technology

★ Expert digital and traditional marketing advice


Here are a few benefits you will receive if you become a Prepped franchisee:

Everything is covered.png

Everything is covered

We provide you with everything you'll need to run a successful tutoring business - our initial training is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and out systems are second to none.

proven and successful.png

Proven franchise model

As a Prepped franchisee, you will be joining a proven and successful franchise model that has been tested and refined. We have already done the groundwork which saves you a lot of time and effort.


Unlimited support

You will receive unlimited support and help from our team at head office, ranging from marketing assistance to operational guidance. We will always be there to help you.

build your own business.png

Build your own business

Buying a Prepped Franchise will give you the opportunity to build your own profitable business and develop both personally and professionally, gaining valuable experience.

Be your own boss.png

Be your own boss

As a Prepped franchisee, you will be your own boss - you will have the flexibility to set your own schedule which in return provides a better work-life balance.

Meet like-minded people

Being part of the Prepped franchise network, you will be able to connect with other franchisees. This will be a valuable resource for sharing experiences, best practices and ideas.

A reputable brand

Prepped is an established brand that already has recognition and reputation in the market. Our brand recognition will give you a head start when attracting new business, building trust and gaining creditability.

Making a difference

When you become a Prepped franchisee, you will be making a difference to young people's lives. Alongside this, you will help shape the future of Prepped and provide ideas which will help the business.

You'll have fun!

Owning a Prepped franchise will be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. As you build your successful business, you will feel a sense of pride, develop personal growth and create a positive impact on the future generation.

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If you are interested in buying a franchise with Prepped, please fill out the enquiry form below.

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