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Privacy Policy

Prepped (Prepped) will process your personal data, and special category data (for the purpose of reasonable adjustments), in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and any regulatory requirements as specified by Three Egg’s Regulatory Bodies.

Prepped will only process and store your data for the purposes of the delivery, assessment and award of the qualification/course you have chosen to undertake and for no other purpose.

Prepped will not sell, pass on or make available your personal, or special category data, to any other person or body outside of the administration and award of the qualification/course you have chosen to undertake.

Prepped will undertake the following administrative activities in relation to the processing and transfer of your personal and special category data:

  1. Prepped collects your name, date of birth and email address for the purposes of administrating and awarding/certificating the qualification/course you have chosen to undertake. 

  2. Prepped offers you the ability to apply for a reasonable adjustment should you have a disability, learning need or medical condition that may affect your ability to undertake the qualification’s assessment. The data collected for this purpose is called special category data. Prepped will only collect and process this special category data when it is provided by you and for the purposes of recording and awarding reasonable adjustments for the qualification/course you are undertaking at the time of providing the data.

  3. Such personal data and special category data will not be used by Prepped for any purpose other than the delivery, assessment, administration and quality assurance of the qualification/course undertaken and for maintaining appropriate records in line with Regulatory Body requirements.

  4. Personal data and special category data is collected within course paperwork/documentation during course delivery. The data will be transferred to Three Egg’s online administration system, and all records will be maintained/disposed of in line with the Prepped Training Data Protection Policy. 

  5. Where a certificate is issued by an awarding body, normally in the case of a regulated qualification, we will be required to securely transfer your personal data to the awarding body for them to issue your certificate. The data will only be used for this purpose and for anonymised statistics requested by the Regulatory Bodies.

  6. Prepped is required to respond to information requests from Regulatory Bodies. Should your data be required to be transferred to the Regulatory Body, Prepped will do so in line with its Data Protection Policy. The same process will be used if Prepped is legally required to transfer data as part of a legal investigation to a legal authority.

  7. If you have not reached the age of 16, you may first wish to discuss this Privacy Notice with your parent, guardian or carer.

  8. Prepped will retain your personal and special category data indefinitely to provide confirmation of your achievement at any point in the future, should it be required.  An individual can request that their data is deleted at any stage.

  9. Under the GDPR you have certain rights in respect of your personal and special category data. Not all GDPR rights are applicable

due to the limited way in which Prepped holds and processes your data, but the following rights are appropriate:

  • Right to access to the information we hold on you. This will be provided to you free of charge within one calendar month of

your request.

  • Right to rectification. Should any of the data Prepped holds on you be incorrect you have the right for this to be rectified. Prepped will always strive to enter data accurately, but should you notice an error please contact Prepped and we will rectify any inaccuracies.

•  Right to erasure. Prepped are required to process your personal data (name, email address and date of birth and gender and postcode if given), and special category data (in the case of a reasonable adjustment being awarded due to a medical condition, disability or learning need), to administrate the award of your qualification/training. Prepped are also required to maintain the records of your training.  Should you wish for your data to be deleted, Prepped will do so upon reasonable request providing it is no longer required to maintain a record of your training.

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