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Our years of experience have shown us that for many children, it's not an inability to understand the subject that's getting in their way, but not having the skills to cope with worries and a lack of confidence in the classroom.

That's why we speak to every family before tutoring starts, to find out what's best for their child.  After that discussion, some children will go straight to academic tutoring, others might spend a few weeks learning how to manage their anxiety and build confidence with the subject.  We've found this makes a huge difference to improving a child's ability to learn, breaking down barriers and boosting confidence with all of their subjects at school.


Our team have developed a package of support for all children. This might mean a six-week course exploring anxiety with one of our wellbeing practitioners, or more tailored and specific support to address more complex needs.

Whichever route is chosen for your child, you can be confident that is will support them to develop the skills necessary for lifelong learning.



  • Anxiety workshops

  • Confidence Support

  • Help in dealing with worries and concerns

  • Allowing children to ask questions without fear

  • Exam anxiety support

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