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What is taught at Key Stage One?

In the UK education system, Key Stage One (KS1) is the stage of education that children aged 5-7 typically attend.

During this stage, children are taught a range of subjects, including:


KS1 English/Literacy focuses on developing children's reading, writing, and communication skills. They learn to read and write simple sentences, as well as basic punctuation and grammar rules. They also begin to develop their comprehension and speaking skills through discussions and storytelling.


KS1 Mathematics focuses on developing children's understanding of numbers, calculation, measurement, and geometry. Children learn to count, add and subtract, and develop an understanding of time, money, and basic shapes.


KS1 Science covers topics such as plants, animals, materials, and the human body. Children learn to observe and explore the natural world, ask questions, and develop their scientific understanding through experiments and investigations.


KS1 History introduces children to important events and figures from the past, such as the Great Fire of London and Florence Nightingale. Children learn to develop a sense of chronology and begin to understand the concept of change over time.


KS1 Geography introduces children to the world around them, including their local environment and the wider world. They learn about maps, countries, and cultures, as well as physical features such as rivers, mountains, and oceans.

Art and Design

KS1 Art and Design focuses on developing children's creativity and imagination through drawing, painting, and other forms of artistic expression. Children learn to use different materials and techniques to create their own artwork.

Design and Technology

KS1 Design and Technology introduces children to basic design principles and the use of tools and materials. They learn to design and create simple structures, such as bridges or towers, using a range of materials.

Overall, Key Stage One provides children with a foundation of knowledge and skills that they will build upon throughout their education.

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