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What is taught on the AQA syllabus for sociology

The GCSE Sociology subject content for AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) includes the following topics:

The sociological approach

  • Understanding the nature of society and social behaviour

  • Key concepts such as socialisation, social structure, and social inequality

  • The relationship between individuals and society

Social structures, social processes and social issues

  • The role of social structures such as family, education, and the media in shaping society

  • The impact of social processes such as globalisation, urbanisation, and demographic change

  • Key social issues such as crime, deviance, and social stratification

Research methods

  • The different types of research methods used in sociology, including surveys, interviews, and experiments

  • The advantages and disadvantages of different research methods

  • How to design and carry out research studies

The family

  • The changing nature of the family and family diversity

  • The functions of the family and its role in socialisation

  • The impact of social change on the family


  • The role of education in society

  • The impact of social class, ethnicity, and gender on educational achievement

  • Educational policies and their impact on social inequality

Crime and deviance

  • The definition and measurement of crime and deviance

  • The social distribution of crime and deviance

  • Explanations for criminal and deviant behaviour

Social inequality

  • The nature and extent of social inequality

  • The relationship between social class, gender, ethnicity, and social inequality

  • The impact of social inequality on life chances and opportunities

Power, politics and the media

  • The role of power in society

  • The different forms of power, including economic, political, and cultural

  • The relationship between power, politics, and the media

The GCSE Sociology subject content for AQA is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of key sociological concepts and issues, as well as the skills necessary to design and carry out research studies.

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