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English KS2


English Tutoring for Key Stage Two 

In Key Stage 2 your child will be learning English in a more advanced way compared to their time during the Key Stage 1 learning age groups. At the end of Key Stage 2 your child will likely be assessed by the SAT exams, referred to as Sats.

SAT Exams

Although the importance of the SAT exams are sometimes played down by primary school teachers, they can be significant, as some upper and secondary schools use SAT results to place children into performance based sets for Year 7 at the start of Key Stage Three. 


Key stage two English is taught as a daily subject in school and our Prepped tutors are trained to support this daily learning in once or twice a week tutoring sessions. Children will cover topics such as:

  • Exploring poetry

  • Adventure and mystery stories

  • Classic novels

  • Newspaper and magazine articles

They will be encouraged to understand the different styles of writing used and will start to learn descriptive and persuasive writing styles.

Tailored to your child’s needs

If you have a budding Shakespeare who is a passionate and voracious reader, our tutors will help them further develop their writing, their figurative language skills, encourage more complex usage of grammar, and encourage them to use more complex and varied sentence structures. We will explore writing for your audience and how to write for purpose. 


If you have a child who you think needs some more encouragement to enjoy their English, we will work to achieve a higher level of attainment through gentle, persuasive tasks that are designed to build confidence and importantly enjoyment in their subject. All of our tutors are subject matter experts and they are all passionate, friendly and kind individuals who delight in encouraging the love of the English language. 


Throughout the terms at Prepped, we will, where necessary and dependent on the children’s specific requirements, explore active and passive voice, possessive apostrophes and clauses with commas.

How do group vs 1:1 sessions work?

Key stage 2 group children are aged from 7-11 and therefore the journey of learning is varied and changes considerably from the start to the assessment at the of the stage.  


Some children benefit from 1:1 tutoring and others from small group sessions. Ultimately overall attainment is proved to be greater when children at the KS2 age work in small groups where they have a balance of tutor led work and student to student group work. Our small groups are less intense than 1:1 sessions which is on the whole far better for their enjoyment, concentration and attainment. 


Ultimately, whichever path you choose, Prepped private tutoring is designed to encourage a love for the subject matter, improved confidence and a much better all round understanding of what is required to do well and will provide important skills to maximise results for their SAT exams and to provide strong foundations for the progression into Key stage 3.

If you are interested in Key Stage Two Tutoring for English, please fill out the enquiry form or contact us.

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