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English KS3


Private English tutoring at
Key Stage Three

If you are looking for English tutoring at Key Stage Three located near to you, then Prepped can help. We focus on face to face and online tutoring (our preference is face to face) and we provide support in the transition to KS3 as part of their first years at secondary school.

What does KS3 cover?

Key Stage Three usually covers children at ages 11, 12, 13 and 14 through school years 7, 8 and 9. In school year seven the focus is on the transition from Key Stage 2 and in years eight and nine there is more of a focus on developing the skills to a higher level. Please do be aware that your child’s secondary school may start preparations for Key Stage Four (GCSE) during year 9 and we can adjust our private tutoring for this. 


In most schools English is taught in ability sets during this Key Stage and Prepped Tutors are experienced in supporting students of all abilities. We will work with your child to understand their current level and also what your and their aims are for English in the future. The value of private tutoring at this age group is exceptional as we have a substantial amount of time to develop and hone their English skills and passion for the subject before the KS4 GCSE stage.

KS3 Reading

According to the National Curriculum, children are expected to develop a love for reading in KS3. This is brilliant for those that do enjoy reading, but can be prohibitive and exclusive for those that are not quite there yet. Our tutors develop confidence in the subject and will work with your child to help develop an interest in reading and help them to develop their overall reading skills. 


Children are expected to be able to compare and criticise texts at Key Stage Three. This is an extremely important skill to start to develop as it is used at both GCSE and A-Level in a wide variety of subjects. Children will read increasingly challenging titles and their Prepped tutor can help develop their argument and critical style in a space away from their school classroom. 


Year 7 children will start to develop their understanding of texts, reading for meaning and looking for subtle implied meaning as well as scanning texts for information. They will look at a wide variety of writing styles as well as different types of books including stories, poems, scripts and autobiographies. 


At KS4 and KS5 we offer specialist courses for developing critical and comparative styles as well as answering exam questions in a structured way.

Key Stage Three Writing

Students will be supported at Prepped to develop their writing. They will work at school and with their Prepped tutor to produce texts that are more accurate and increasingly fluent and they will begin to write at more length than in previous years. Writing will be focussed on a specific audience, they will write creatively and they will also develop their ability to write poetry. 


Our tutors are extremely passionate in this area and should you choose English Private tutoring you will be able to see a marked difference in your child’s English ability.

Key Stage Three Grammar and Vocabulary

Your child’s Prepped tutor will support them with their grammar, spelling and vocabulary, consolidating their learning from Primary school. 


They will analyse more and more texts, looking at their grammatical features and investigating and learning grammatical tools from these texts and books. They will also explore linguistic and literary terminology in order to discuss reading, writing and spoken language.

If you are interested in Key Stage Three Tutoring for English, please fill out the enquiry form or contact us.

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