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What are the 11 Plus exams?

The 11 Plus exams, also known as the Eleven Plus exams, are a series of exams taken by students in the UK at the age of 11 to determine their suitability for admission to selective secondary schools.

These exams were first introduced in the 1940s and 1950s as a means of identifying academically gifted students and giving them the opportunity to attend grammar schools.

The 11 Plus exams typically test a student's skills in subjects such as English, mathematics, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. The specific content and format of the exams can vary depending on the school or region. Some areas may also have additional subjects or tests, such as creative writing or interview skills.

The results of the 11 Plus exams are used by selective secondary schools to determine which students to offer places to. Students who perform well on the exams may be offered places at grammar schools or other selective schools, while those who do not perform as well may attend non-selective schools.

It is worth noting that not all areas in the UK use the 11 Plus exams as a means of determining admission to selective schools. In some areas, alternative exams or assessment methods may be used.

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